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sterling silver forged wave drop earrings

sterling silver forged wave drop earrings

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These forged drop earrings are hand crafted from .925 sterling silver and feature a 34-mm-long textured wave dangle suspended from a large jump ring. The wave hangs from a 20-gauge handmade earring wire wrapped with a nest flourish. The length of the earring (from the topmost curve of its ear wire) measures approximately 54 millimeters. The wave dangles have a hammered texture and are lightly antiqued with liver of sulfur to bring out their unique undulations. Sold as a pair.


.925 sterling silver


ear wires are handmade from 20-gauge (0.81 mm) .925 sterling silver wire; manufactured ear posts are 19-gauge sterling silver (0.91 mm); manufactured scroll-style ear nuts are .925 sterling silver

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