about ArtyKat

Hi! Kathy "Kat" Bayless, here! I started my ArtyKat online shop because I love the process of designing and crafting beautiful, wearable items from materials as mundane as round wire and pieces of metal. Plus, I'm an absolute sucker for tools that make the process of melting, soldering, hammering, stretching, texturing, decorating, and polishing metal that much easier and more efficient.

Like most creative endeavors, jewelry-making is a labor of love. Since there are only so many items that I can justify making for myself and my loved ones, I needed a place to share my creations and help fund my ongoing crafting addiction. ;-D (BTW, thank you for your support!)

When I'm not in my home studio (aka the spare bedroom) bashing away on something shiny, you might find me reading or writing urban fantasy novels (I've written six!), herding two crazy corgis, or playing World of Warcraft. I also enjoy photography, doing my nails, and taking long walks with my husband (or shorter walks whenever corgis are involved). We live alongside stately saguaros in sunny central Arizona where we pray that our air conditioning never has a hiccup.